Sr Product Manager

Descrição da vaga

As a Senior Product Manager you will be responsible for translating the company’s vision into product’s quarterly OKRs. It will be expected that by detailed analysis of product metrics, user research and by interaction with other areas you generate an extensive pipeline of solutions and prioritise them accordingly.

To be successful in the role you’ll have to be an amazing communicator and very skillful working with cross functional teams. You’ll have a team of designers and business analysts and junior POs to support you. Last and not least you’ll work very closely with the tech team coordinating releases, defining quality standards and crafting solutions to current comapny problem.


  • Top Business or Engineering School.
  • 3-5 hands on working experience in Product
  • Good knowledge of data analysis and KPIs.
  • Experience in Tech/Internet/Startups is a must.
  • Experience in top tier consulting firms is a plus but by itself is not sufficient.