Data Science Intern

Job description


At InstaCarro you will be in a team focused to learn:

  • Be coached and trained by a senior team partner in technical and business skills to deliver high quality results

  • Follow a learning program with some learning paths, according with a schedule (including Python, R, DBs and DevOps)

  • Nurture a culture of curiosity, continuous learning and knowledge sharing

At InstaCarro as a business and data consultant, you will :

  • Know very well all information sources and help people navigate them

  • Promote a ‘Data Driven Culture’ inside InstaCarro and support learning and knowledge sharing across all areas

  • Be connected to various business areas (sales, marketing, operations, finances), and solve concrete problems leveraging our BI skills, tools and services

  • Develop analysis and reports to help other business areas in their decisions

At InstaCarro as a responsible for our data services and infrastructure, you will:

  • Build and improve ETLs to populate our DB and Data Marts

  • Maintain systems and services provided by the BI area, making sure they work properly

  • Review codes from your team partners, assuring code quality and readability

  • Investigate and solve problems if any service or tool stops working as expected

Job requirements


  • Undergraduated Student - 3rd year minimum
  • Graduation courses accepted:
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics
    • Computer Science
    • Administration
    • Economics
    • Statistics
    • Physics
    • Any other course with strong statistical and/or logical focus
  • Be in a top tier university
  • Probability and statistics basics (means, medians, distributions, standard deviation, variance, etc.)
  • Basic Excel (Lookups, pivot tables)
  • Basic programming logic in any language (even pseudocode)
  • Desire to learn how to code, query databases and develop reports
  • Have (and have the desire to improve) analytical thinking
  • Be proactive


  • R (dplyr and ggplot2)
  • Python (Ideally Pandas and Flask)
  • SQL
  • NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Bash
  • DevOps knowledge (Amazon Web Services, Zappa, Git, Docker)
  • Probability and statistics more advanced topics (regressions, Bayes theorem, prediction techniques)
  • Data Visualization Tools (Power BI, Tableau, etc.)