BI Specialist

Job description

We are looking for a smart BI Specialist reporting to our Head of BI.

Nature of tasks:

- Business Analytics: Pragmatic approach to solving business problems, know how to break a problem

into its variables and to find the interactions among these variables to find where are the opportunities and how to leverage them (independently of the type of problem, beeing it from sales, marketing, pricing, operations, logistics, the person know how to abstract it and map the processes and it's variables with their relationships)

-Knowledge of how to get information (SQL, NoSQL, R, Python, etc...) and how to use it to make decisions (Doer approach, not just knowing at a strategic level how to solve the problem but actually getting himself to solve it using technical knowledge to get the data and business knowledge to know what to do with this data and how to generate information and present the results in an organized and planned way)

- Data Science: Know how to use technology (programming in SQL/Python/R) and statistics (Distributions, Sampling, Confidence Intervals, A/B Tests, Correlation and Regressions at least) to improve operational efficiency always with a results-driven approach Know how to plan experiments to evaluate the impact on changes made

- Data Engineering: Know what is serverless (AWS Lambda), what is a job and how to make it run in a machine on a cloud service Have experience with programming using (Python or R) APIs, Crawlers, Databases, and Data frames and can do code review and solution planning (from architecture to implementation) Know what is Git and what is Docker and how to use them


- Prioritize tasks with BI team in alignment with business goals 

 - Help the BI team learn more efficiently and deliver results with quality and in a time efficient way 

 - Propose solutions to business problems using technology as a way to generate business value, acting as someone who talks to business people (sales, marketing, operations, customer experience, finances) and see how to add value to the company by improving, automating or integrating part of their processes and also how to prioritize what will have more impact on the company's goals 

 - Guarantee that systems and services provided by the BI area work properly and are constantly improved to generate better business results (Hubspot Integrations, Data Warehouse, Website Pricing, Margin Model, Automated Whatsapp Messages, Crawlers) 

 - Train the BI team and help them in developing technical or business skills 

 - Select people with the right attitude and skills to the BI team

 - Knows all sources of information from the company and helps people access them 

- Review codes and tasks from the BI team to improve the quality of the work delivered

- Plans the architecture of new systems, tables in the Data Warehouse or data products 

 - Investigates and solves the problem if any service or tool stop working as expected 

- Constantly thinks about how to improve the business by leveraging on the BI area skills, tools or services

Job requirements

Technical Skills

- Problem-solving/ Business Sense 

- Basic statistics 

 - Excel

 - Database SQL (NoSQL is a plus) 

- R/Python

- Javascript/HTML (is a plus)


- Analytical mindset 

- Results-driven

- Challenge-driven 

- Hands-on approach 

- Open to constantly be learning and sharing what he/she learned - Curious about technology

- Deals well with pressure